Scholarships, Awards, Grants and Bursaries for MBA and Master Program 2020/21

Scholarships, Awards, Grants and Bursaries for MBA and Master Programs


There a numerous scholarships available for MBA and Master degrees. Type and number of scholarships offered by any university, business school, government body or interest group can vary from year to year. Competition to be awarded a scholarship is strong, particularly for programs at top business schools.



Scholarships and Awards by Business Schools

Several business schools offer MBA scholarships and awards to local and international students. Some of these scholarships or awards focus particularly on students from a specific country or region. Some business schools have special scholarships available to female students or graduates with an engineering background. The majority of scholarships or awards offered by universities and business schools cover only the tuition fees. The awards criteria is usually merit based and the prospect graduate student has to provide proof of academic excellence. Some scholarships are also need based. Students usually have to demonstrate academic excellence and have to attest their financial need.


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