Find a Paid PhD or Studentship

Postgraduate HubA studentship is a paid PhD or a PhD scholarship.


PhD scholarships are particularly available in engineering, science and technology, life and medical sciences and other new technologies.


Who can apply: in many cases PhD scholarships and studentships are available to both local and international students.


Scholarships are collaborative awards with external partners including SMEs and micro companies, as well as public and third sector organisations. In many cases the scholarship provides 3 years of funding with a 6 month period to complete the thesis.


Studentship and paid PhD have usually a university partner and an industry partner. The industry partner is usually a corporation or a research organisation. Both organisation have a supervisory role for the PhD student.


The commitment for a paid PhD or postgraduate studentship is usually full time.


Particularly in technology and medicine PhD research can be paid. The PhD studentship can include the tuition fees plus an annual stipend to cover living cost.


A studentship may involve a requirement to teach at university for several hours per week or to assist more senior lecturers in their classes.


PhD studentships are very competitive. Studentship with good career prospects include PhD’s in AI, data science, machine learning, distributed computing, blockchain, autonomous systems, robotics, IoT, life science and others.

Several universities  are actively trying to increase the number of women in science and technology.


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